Natalie Powell – I know Christine Ingram through Church of the Universal Mind. I started doing Soul Dance classes with her. Soul Dance is a type of medication, done through music which help people like myself who battle to quiet their mind and meditate. In my time with her, I was really impressed at how she kept the momentum going, how she went through all of the thoughts and feelings other members had. Her knowledge and compassion just blew me away. She always has time to answer your questions, to help you grow. I loved the dancing and the discussions afterwards. Christine also got us in touch with our creative side and we often drew after our dancing sessions. I found this very soothing. Soul dance and our drawing after were my little bit of “me time” once a week. I recommend Christine and her services. She is truly a gifted and special individual.

Tashika Gokool – I feel incredibly grateful for having a reading by Christine Ingram. I’ve been feeling stuck for days, and not trusting my own sense of intuition. Christine has helped me to clear any existing doubts, and she also helped me to see things more objectively, which was quite a problem for me .A heavy rock that I’ve been carrying has fallen off my chest and I feel more calm and confident about who I am and which path to follow as She was spot on,She is not only incredible in her intuition and work, but she is also very genuine, easy to talk to, and patient. I look forward to another reading with her again in the future, and I look forward to sharing my experience with my friends as well! Thank you Christine for everything!

Vanessa Fraden. – I have known Christine for the last 3 years and have found her to be the most colourful and vibrant person whose inner light shines through the biggest smile
I first went to Christine for a personal reading last year when I was feeling very uncertain about my future. It had been a hectic time for me personally over the last 2 years and I had ended up in hospital with ulcers from stress. Christine advised me that I had the Archangel Azriel with me who helps those who are grieving. My dad had passed over 3 years before and I had come to terms with his passing and I was unsure of why Azriel was assisting me. Christine explained that Azriel is a very soft and gentle angel and maybe he was there to help me flow through the stresses of life. She also explained that when I saw white feathers in my house that this would be a reminder that he was with me. I had already been seeing feathers and it is still a common occurance – it is nice to know I am not alone and am being carried by the angels as I often find them on my ankles or on my feet. Christine never made me feel like I may lose someone close or gave me any fear which I think is important because this would have added to my stress. About 6 months later I lost my ex husband in a tragic car accident, he was still very close to me in this life. He was and is my soul mate, my twin flame and I and my son were devastated. When I had the chance to look back I realized that Azriel was there to help me come to terms with Clint passing. This knowledge was paramount to helping me find peace in the things that I cannot control. My son wanted to speak to his Dad and had asked me to take him to see Christine numerous time when his Dad had first passed away. My son does not share my same spiritual views and having said that he is only 13 years old. I have never pushed any particular faith or my spirituality onto him and in most instances he thinks I’m off my rocker… So I knew going to see Christine was not going to be easy. About 9 months after Clint had passed and I felt that Liam was emotionally in a better position to communicate with his Dad, I took him to see Christine for a reading. Liam was particulary non committal and distant initially but I could see him relaxing as Christine was sharing information that only him and his Dad knew. For example Liam standing on his bed waving his samurai sword around, Clint had been egging him on in the background or when Liam prays at night and asks his Dad “why did you leave me” Liam slowly started to trust Christine and the message she was giving him from his Dad, which was to, stop being scared, live life to the fullest and to know he was not alone and that he had not left … just changed form. Christine throughout this reading was very aware of Liam’s energy and the consciousness she bought with her when reading to her youngest client made the whole sitting easy. Christine has a very special gift which comes in a beautiful colourful package and I would most certainly recommend her to anyone needing to understand what the eyes cannot see.