Dreamtime Meditation



HereĀ is a beautiful meditation to do on full moon or anytime you feel you need a refresher. Our daily lives can be very stressful and we unknowingly absorb unwanted energy that serves no good to us. Take time each day to de-stress and unwind, it will do you wonders.


Dreamtime Meditation

Close your eyes, take a deep breathe in and exhale out. Repeat this slowly and methodically till you feel rested.

You are sitting on a rock, surrounded by water. The water is still, calm and peaceful. The water is cleansing and healing. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and the air you breathe is warm and sweet. Slowly the sun begins to set and the sky changes from warm sunny yellow and oranges to lilac and blues. As the sky changes colour so too does the air you breathe. The air becomes cool, clean and crisp. As you exhale you feel all your troubles disappear beyond the horizon with the sun.

The sky now becomes a dark blue, almost black with twinkling stars all around. The full Moon stares down at you, bright, beautiful and majestic. The energy pours down from the moon into your crown chakra slowly moving through each chakra. As the light passes through each chakra you feel a coolness fill you, it is peaceful and calm.

Take in another deep breathe and exhale all the unwanted worries, stress and anxiety that holds you back from moving forward. Inhale the coolness of peace and tranquility and exhale the stress and worries of your day.

As the sun begins to rise again, know within yourself you are ready to begin again. A new start, new beginning. When you are ready open your eyes feeling refreshed and ready to start the day again.


P.S. Remember to drink a glass of water to to refresh your body as well.