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Conscious Expansion



We are at the mercy of our own thoughts. Be they negative or positive. Our lives are also led in the direction of our thoughts as well. If you want to live a positive existence then within your mind and consciousness you must learn to create that which you so desire.

When focusing on the negative and unable to think clearly, we loose sight of our dreams and aspirations. Negative thought patterns and past experience can burn holes in our minds and heart. When wanting to change our path we need to learn to focus and begin to live a positive existence. Sometimes it is very difficult to look past our negative existence and we have problems moving forward. Old thought patterns and previous ways of living can leave you stunted, not only in your physical life but also your mental and spiritual life.


Scientists understand that in order to move past scientific barriers in the physical world, ones mind must learn to expand consciously. It is at this point that we begin to see past our obstacles and discover new ways to reinvent ourselves and move forward. With each generation we see the capacity to see above and beyond what the conscious mind is capable of being. If you think you know everything in this time and existence, then you are very much mistaken. Reality and the universe is constantly evolving and changing. If you would like to move forward in life and make positive changes then you must learn to expand your mind. Open your heart and mind to new possibilities and realities. The past no longer serves anyone; yes it may be a good reminder and foundation but, we as physical and spiritual beings need to learn to look past the veil of illusion and create within us, the potential to expand and grow energetically and spiritually.


We can no longer live behind this veil. Majority of us have already began the process of ascension and with this process we begin to understand the complexities of being a spiritual being within a physical plain of existence. I personally can no longer hold onto old world perceptions and ideas, as these perceptions do not speak truly to my life and experiences. When the need to consciously expand one must look closely at what the mind perceives to be frivolous. What looks seemingly impossible and frivolous can turn out to be a momentous discovery and growth.

Old paradigms and ways of thinking can leave you blocked off and spiritually stunted in growth. Religion has to a certain point brought human beings to a place where we can all agree on. That place is a point where moral grounding and ways of living are based on two aspects, that being love and respect for your fellow human being and other life force. The only problem that we have created in the process is that of separation. When we learn that all religions lead us to one place of existence we can live in peace. In order to realize this dream of Peace we must first expand our minds and learn to embrace all those things we are most afraid of and fear. As more and more of us become enlightened we realize how easy it is to create peace. But before we can reach this peaceful plain of existence we must expand our minds and evolve consciously, it is only then we can accept each other as equal and realize our importance to the survival of the universe and our physical world.

Expand your mind, expand your world and grow consciously.

YOU as a human being and spiritual soul have the responsibility to take our planet, our world and universe to the next plain of existence and dimension.

Do not look back – Look forward, as this is where we all are heading.


Mental Health · Mind Body & Soul · Physical Health · Spiritual Health

A New Paradigm

The Butterfly Effect

The dawning of a new age or ‘The Age of Aquarius’ brings to mind many other phrases that have been coined in the last decade. Many people have started to question their reality and the religious dogma that controls the world’s population. As more and more people move away from mainstream religious teachings, we start to see a ripple effect across the world. This phenomenon is called the ‘Butterfly Effect’.

Waterdrops in darkness

You cannot escape this and there is no turning back. The moment you awaken you can no longer close your eyes. The wonders of the universe speak to all in many tongues. You cannot ignore this phenomenon, which will soon become a reality to all. Even though the people now who are voicing their opinion or views on our reality are a minority, their voices speak volumes to the world. This change for our world has long since been needed and will gladly be welcomed by the masses. It is hard to say how long this change in our world and society will take but the important thing to remember is that the time is now and its here. Brace yourself for a bumpy ride. Those who are in control of the masses are now fighting to stay in power. It is very easy to see the break down of our society today. War, famine and disease are running rampant in our world at the moment. The evidence is clear that the energy of change is in the air. When a cycle of life comes near to an end, the facets of society that holds on start to feel the burn. Systems in place begin to fall apart and loose control. The masses suddenly lacking direction run freely grasping for air and life in any direction that seems to show them light.

Now this all seems rather over whelming to the modern day person living a normal sedentary lifestyle. This also might be coined as pseudoscience. What ever you want to call this, just remember, that people also used to believe that the earth was flat. In saying this, I want all those who question ‘pseudoscience’ or ‘conspiracy theories’ to remember their thoughts today. Tomorrow might be another day for you and that in it will make you question your beliefs. Everyday brings new life and ends life. What you see and hear today will influence tomorrow and by reading these exact words you will change. Everything and anything that you consciously absorb influences the decisions and choices you make. On a conscious level you might not acknowledge that which you absorb and see but sub consciously you do. The soul and the sub conscious play an important role in how you view the world and those around you. If you are surrounding yourself with negative information and surroundings, the soul and sub conscious does acknowledge this and this is where those in power control the masses.

Dawning Of a New Age

With the dawning of each new day and era, there is a new dynamic force driving the universe forward in motion. Energy is constantly moving and evolving. The world is not meant to remain the same. Nothing in life is constant as everything around you, including you is energy. Energy is motion, movement and vibration. Your soul is slowly evolving and sub consciously feeding you information to help you on your evolutionary journey. We as a human species are not meant to stay stagnant. We are designed to evolve and grow. Physically, mentally and spiritually we must grow. Everything within us moves together in unison as one. You cannot treat one part of the body and expect the rest to follow. Medical science has come a long way but now has come to a point where it needs to evolve.


There is a new change in people today. Something deep within each individual something is changing and evolving. Their sub conscious is feeding them new information, new thought processes and new behavioral patterns. People are experiencing something that goes far deeper than that which the medical fraternity can explain. You can try and disguise this or even mask it but this change is here to stay and evolve and no amount of medication is going to stop this. The changes we see are also evident in the religious communities. Rules and regulations no longer feed people spiritually. The long-lived ideals and conformity related to religious dogma no longer feed our souls. A craving for freedom and peace is driving people to look for answers and food for their soul.

So what is this change that most of us are experiencing in our life? Are you even aware that you are evolving and changing into a new evolved light being? Most of you do not even take notice of the subtleties of this change. The moment you realize you are evolving is the moment life will change. Remember that the moment you acknowledge this change you cannot go back. Evolving and expanding our consciousness and becoming one with the universe and source. Life will never be the same again but will be better filled with more light, love and peace.


DNA Upgrade

These new changes within us physically, emotionally and spiritually are all on an energetic level. Our ‘Junk DNA’ that was once said to be useless has now become activated. As we evolve spiritually our energetic field changes and forces our whole being to increase in vibration. This change in our energetic field effects our soul, mind and body. As we start to ascend into newer much more evolved beings we start to react to our environment. Our negative reaction to our environment opens our eyes, heart and mind to our surroundings. Suddenly you are aware of the damages that ‘We’ as humans have created and are doing. Your sudden interest in natural alternatives, saving the environment and caring for animals becomes a priority. The most notable changes in humanity today are the birth of young children coined ‘Crystal, Indigo or rainbow children’. This phenomenon that has many parents baffled and school systems ill equipped to deal with and educate children that are not compatible with conformity. These children are the forerunners and are here to help shift our perception of reality. They are here to help us move forward and to lift our vibrations up in order to evolve. The old paradigms no longer fit us and as we shift from a one-dimensional life to a fifth dimensional reality we start to see old paradigms falling away and disintegrating.


The world is ready for a change. The old way of thinking and living does not fit in with the new dimension. It is time to embrace the new energies and evolve to a much lighter being. As you start to embrace these energies and accept the up grade you feel lighter, happier and much more at peace within yourself. Suddenly what used to make you happy no longer fuels your soul. Materialism no longer becomes a prerequisite to a happy life. And as you start to ascend and evolve those who no longer form an important role in your life start to fall away. This is not negative but a more positive change. As you release all that no longer serves you any good, you heal old wounds and make space for better things in your life. Healing yourself becomes a priority and as you let go of all the negative baggage you become happier with life. This change in you begins to filter on around you and affects those around you. Suddenly you are happier with far less in your life and a sense of gratitude with what you have. Creating a balance in your life is now a lot easier to achieve. These changes will not be called ‘symptoms’; a word I feel belongs to the old paradigm. These changes will be ‘signs’; signs of better things coming ahead. And even though these signs feel negative some days, remember that as you release the baggage, the body will react to the energy released. Learn to accept what was, release it, let go and allow space for positive energy to flow in.

A New Dawn and A New Day

A new world and a new humanity is developing and drawing its energy from a Divine Source. That Divine Source is one that is found within oneself. This energy is not a person, a place or an object. This energy and vibration is unison of all light beings joining in and ascending to a much brighter, lighter and more peaceful vibration. Embrace you new DNA upgrade, engage in the energetic vibrations and ascend to a better life for all of humanity.