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Conscious Expansion



We are at the mercy of our own thoughts. Be they negative or positive. Our lives are also led in the direction of our thoughts as well. If you want to live a positive existence then within your mind and consciousness you must learn to create that which you so desire.

When focusing on the negative and unable to think clearly, we loose sight of our dreams and aspirations. Negative thought patterns and past experience can burn holes in our minds and heart. When wanting to change our path we need to learn to focus and begin to live a positive existence. Sometimes it is very difficult to look past our negative existence and we have problems moving forward. Old thought patterns and previous ways of living can leave you stunted, not only in your physical life but also your mental and spiritual life.


Scientists understand that in order to move past scientific barriers in the physical world, ones mind must learn to expand consciously. It is at this point that we begin to see past our obstacles and discover new ways to reinvent ourselves and move forward. With each generation we see the capacity to see above and beyond what the conscious mind is capable of being. If you think you know everything in this time and existence, then you are very much mistaken. Reality and the universe is constantly evolving and changing. If you would like to move forward in life and make positive changes then you must learn to expand your mind. Open your heart and mind to new possibilities and realities. The past no longer serves anyone; yes it may be a good reminder and foundation but, we as physical and spiritual beings need to learn to look past the veil of illusion and create within us, the potential to expand and grow energetically and spiritually.


We can no longer live behind this veil. Majority of us have already began the process of ascension and with this process we begin to understand the complexities of being a spiritual being within a physical plain of existence. I personally can no longer hold onto old world perceptions and ideas, as these perceptions do not speak truly to my life and experiences. When the need to consciously expand one must look closely at what the mind perceives to be frivolous. What looks seemingly impossible and frivolous can turn out to be a momentous discovery and growth.

Old paradigms and ways of thinking can leave you blocked off and spiritually stunted in growth. Religion has to a certain point brought human beings to a place where we can all agree on. That place is a point where moral grounding and ways of living are based on two aspects, that being love and respect for your fellow human being and other life force. The only problem that we have created in the process is that of separation. When we learn that all religions lead us to one place of existence we can live in peace. In order to realize this dream of Peace we must first expand our minds and learn to embrace all those things we are most afraid of and fear. As more and more of us become enlightened we realize how easy it is to create peace. But before we can reach this peaceful plain of existence we must expand our minds and evolve consciously, it is only then we can accept each other as equal and realize our importance to the survival of the universe and our physical world.

Expand your mind, expand your world and grow consciously.

YOU as a human being and spiritual soul have the responsibility to take our planet, our world and universe to the next plain of existence and dimension.

Do not look back РLook forward, as this is where we all are heading.


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